Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lutheran Sola Scriptura

The Unknown Lutheran writes:

The true Lutheran understanding of Sola Scriptura is nothing more than this: Scripture testifies to Christ and Christ is what we need to look for in Scripture because Christ is what we need. Christ is in His Word and in His Sacraments and the whole of Scripture points us in this direction. Doctrine derived from Scripture will always point to Christ, because Christ is what Scripture is centered on. Doctrine derived from outside of Scripture leads to error, because experience, reason and history do not have Christ as their center, they have fallen man as their center.
I think this is exactly right, and it is why Lutherans don't usually "proof text" our theology. it is also why, as is the case with EWTN, RC/EO polemicists miss the mark in much of their critique of Sola Scriptura when they try and shoehorn us into pop-Evangelical versions of this doctrine. Just like Sola Fide, we often end up expending a lot of energy trying to explain the difference between what we actually believe and what others say we do.

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