Thursday, May 29, 2008

Liberation Theology Run Amok

Apparently, I am supposed to feel ashamed and guilty because my ancestors "benefited" from the oppression of black people. Do we get a credit for blacks in the middle and upper classes, as well as poor white people? The whole racialist thing is rather disturbing to me, because it aloways focuses on the bottom line--the all mighty dollar.

I note that there is not a single reference to grace and forgiveness, it is all about guilt and shame.

Also, it is kind of funny to see a RC priest in his collar scream and flap his arm like a bird. It looks so--out of sync.

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steve martin said...

Perfect example of the left wing social gospel.

It's all about the here and now. No eschatological vision. No forgiveness of sin. Indeed, no sin. No real need for Jesus other than an example to shoot for.

It's very sad.

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